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Come join us if you want to make a real difference when it comes to global climate change and the impact it has had on our winters. We are a team of passionate and experienced people from around the world who depend on winter. We are Snow Lovers, and we are at our best when we live, love, and work in snowy climates.

Our plan as a nonprofit organization is to act as the WAKE-UP call for those who benefit from snow. We are providing actionable skills, education, and awareness to snow enthusiasts about how to track and reduce their personal carbon footprints. We are training, mapping, and recognizing snow competitions and events, snow brands, and ski resorts that want to move towards goals for renewable energy by 2030, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

We are about advocacy and influencing legislation in favor of the Paris Agreement and taking it another step further: The vast population of people who love snow. We are about mitigation and urgent change because lack of snow and extreme winter conditions do more harm than lack of a 4-season ski resort development strategy.

It’s time to change our culture. We have talked to snowboarders, skiers, Olympic athletes, First Nation people, businesses, and ski resorts to catalyze the cause from those who believe that we have no time to lose and must take responsibility for our actions to change our culture now. As a collective taking action, this is the most powerful way to minimize the impacts of climate change. While the snow industry is so desperately dependent on solving the crisis to save winters for future generations, remarkably, it is one of the slowest industries that is actually doing something about it.

Snow Lovers are the cataylsts. We need more people, which is why we uphold Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity as a key part of our plan. We hold the the megaphones, amplifying the message about the importance of snowpack and winter seasons for healthy year-round ecosystems, for the health of our agriculture, clean air, and the natural balance and beauty of life on this planet!

Join us! Become a Snow Lover! Our planet depends on all of us~
–The Snow Lovers

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People, Brands, Community Organizations, and Snow Resorts Making a Difference


The Balance Sheet — Winter 2018:

  • The Sierra Nevada Mountains could get 50% less snow by 2050

  • USA Olympic athletes training for Pyeongchang had to move from usual locations in North America to Sass-Fee, Switzerland in order to find snow

  • Camp of Champions for young snowboarders and skiers closed in June, 2017 after 28 years due to Whistler’s Horstman Glacier deteriorating from climate change

  • Colorado snow melts 2 weeks earlier than in the 1970’s; and poor snow years in the Northeast have increased 22%

  • Only 5% of U.S. ski areas use renewable energy; 7 out of 479 ski resorts in North America

  • The largest glacier in Europe is in Iceland, Vatnajökull. It is said that the person who will witness it disappear has already been born.


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